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Wellness Seminars

We are excited to offer wellness seminars to corporations, small businesses, and groups interested in improving health and longevity. We will come out for groups of 10 or more so pick a topic below and Dr. Leslie Hewitt a call at Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio at 925-736-3210.

  All our patients receive therapeutic exercise, stretching and YOGA poses for home care to heal quickly.

Health & Longevity

The fitness industry is taking the lead in wellness! What are they doing that is missing from healthcare, medical offices, and hospitals? We share the future of fitness and the cost of accountability from the perspective as a wellness doctor. This is an exciting discussion for corporations looking for ways to reduce sick days, workers compensation claims,and increase productivity and employee morale.

      Dr. Leslie Hewitt is a Speaker and she is available for corporate, convention & conferences.

Wellness Training

Dr. Leslie Hewitt, Owner of Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio share tools to increase happiness, productivity in business, and your personal life. Train your brain for greatness by unleashing your personal power. Your manifestations come through you, not to you. Inspire your employees, increase productivity, decrease disease by reducing stress, bring out the best in your people, and create a model with new concepts for presentee-ism.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt shares her expertise with The WOW Talks, corporate functions and conventions.

Happiness Factors

Happiness is a reminder that wellness comes from within. Learn ways to promote happiness factors, stimulate anti-aging, and live boldly with these 4 medicine-less measurements of wellness: Belief, Breath, Movement, and Nutrition. This is an uplifting discussion of foods that promote happy brain chemistry, prescription drugs that diminish brain chemistry, and lifestyle choices that can be applied daily.

   Contact Dr. Leslie Hewitt to inquire about her availability to speak at your next convention.

What is a Miracle?

Whatever your belief system is, when we live authentically through our own unique gifts we experience an elevated heart-centered reality. Source energy, spirit, love, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and truth move through us so powerfully that synchronicity occurs, synergy magnifies, the perfect people, places, and events line up. Dr. Leslie Hewitt uncovers the human spirit in a way that is bound to inspire everyone in the room.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt shares evidence based research on the Power of Intention.

Manifesting your Dream Life

Living in the question makes you a free agent on the planet to choose from a place of What's next? Living in the question allows an openness to possibilities. The question arises What do I love to do? There is no question more enduring that this: Are you happy? What are your top 5 values? What is your mission statement for life? Are you congruent with your values and mission? What virtues determine your life direction? In this talk, Dr. Leslie Hewitt will help you become the director of your life in a way that inspires an open spirit to possibilities.

     Dr. Leslie Hewitt shares research on many topics about wellness.

Shift Happens

The concept of shift happening is literally like the fork in the road and making important decisions that take us in the direction of our most desired outcome. There is research about being The Observer in your own life and how just noticing thoughts and being conscious can shift the outcome of situations and decisions. In fact, all drugs on the market are tested with a double blind placebo test because of the impact of observation. Shift can happen with you as the observer of your own life, and Dr. Leslie Hewitt loves to share the research of Quantum Physics.

Dr. Leslie Hewitt teaches AQUA classes and loves to share the benefits of water aerobics.

Water Therapy

Dr. Leslie Hewitt loves to teach AQUA water aerobics for fitness. Water aerobics offers the following benefits: anti-inflammatory, hydro-static pressure, anti-gravity, anti-weight bearing, and overall anti-aging. Dr. Hewitt incorporates her knowledge of neurology, proprio-ceptive neuro-facilitation, using closed eyes, spins, twirls, and mind-mapping to not only have fun in the pool, but to also stimulate nerve pathways in the brain and body for muscle symmetry, brain fitness, and heart health.  

Dr. Leslie Hewitt has over 200 hours in Yoga Teacher Training and loves the mind-body-spirit connection with fitness.


Yoga can balance the regenerative and degenerative phases of life, balance life with gentle restorative yoga, and the ancient teachings of yoga contribute to anti-aging. Disease is simply stress creating dysfunction in the body. Try yoga and learn meditation techniques to reduce stress and the effects of disease. Dr. Leslie Hewitt loves to share the ancient traditions of a yoga class to balance a busy life and restore muscles for improved function.